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Socrates Capital is a leading global alternative fund manager and provider of financial advisory services. We seek to create added long-term value and return for our investors, the companies we invest in, and the companies we advise. 

Founded in 2009, our businesses include:

• Financial Institutions • Real Estate • Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds • Advisory, consultancy and other capital market services

Financial Institutions 
Socrates Capital Financial Institutions business segment invests, manages, and sources/acquires financial services companies and banks with a primary focus on European Institutions. We not only provide capital support but industry best practices, governance, strategic relationships and alliances. Our team has expertise in strategy related specifically to Financial Services and provide the competitive edge with a proven results track record to deliver shareholder value. In our Financial Institutions practice, we not only act as an investor/participant, along with partner investors, we take an active role in developing the strategy, assisting in the initial due diligence, management and operational execution throughout the life-cycle of the investment.

Additionally, we source assets for direct investors as well as disposition of assets or portfolios in off market transactions. We do this by identifying and aligning stakeholder interests to meet their strategic objectives and structure superior returns.

We partner with other private equity, investment and financial institutions on the strength of combined capabilities.

Banks: Currently Socrates Capital has a portfolio of bank investments and an extensive pipeline of targeted acquisitions over the next 3-12 months.

Insurance: A highly specialized focus on Insurance buyouts and risk mitigation insurance.

Asset Management/Funds

Real Estate funds 
We work in conjunction with our Asset management companies and bank investments to source and manage real estate funds throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Other Funds/Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds 
Our Private Equity business identifies and targets acquiring interests in unlisted or listed businesses at prices lower than the anticipated value. Our proven expertise provides a combination of management, organisational and financial restructuring and reorganisation, to fully maximise opportunistic value. Investments can take the form of management buy-outs, acquisitions, initial venture financings or significant re-financings led or co-led by Socrates Capital PE where investors acquire a controlling interest. Socrates Capital PE seeks to enhance the returns to its investors with the effective use of leverage and strategic management direction and leadership.  We have extensive expertise in Renewable Energy, Mining and other development opportunities.

Capital Market/Advisory Services 
We provide services such as assisting in consulting/advisory, asset sourcing and other financing activities or arrangements. 


An integrated banking, blockchain, AI product and service offered to all token and bank account holders. A new stand-alone division of Socrates Capital Group.

Edwin Ball
Chairman & CEO
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Edwin has an extensive background with over 30 years experience performing the following roles:

Chairman of the Board and CEO of Interritus Limited; CEO of Interritus Advisory Limited; CEO and Member of the Management Board of NordFinanz Bank AG, CEO and Member of the Management Board of NF Leasing GmbH and NF Asset Management. 

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